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Famous Italians From Istria

Some notable Istrian Italians (from left to right): Vittorio Carpaccio, Santorio Santorio,
Francesco Trevisani, Giuseppe Tartini, Giovanni Battista Piranesi & Nazario Sauro

(Full biographies: Italian Biographies: Istria)

Brief biographies of some famous Istrian Italians, an indigenous ethnic group from Istria. The Istrian Italians have an illustrious history and have made notable contributions to culture, religion, military, politics, literature, arts, sciences and civilization, which should not be forgotten.

Istria is a historical region of Italy, but is today divided between Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Towards the end of World War II the Istrian Italians were subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocide by the Yugoslavs, who occupied the land and annexed it to Communist Yugoslavia in 1947. About 350,000 Italians from Dalmatia, Istria and the surrounding region of Julian Venetia were forced into exile after the war. Their homes and property were confiscated and their cities were occupied by the Yugoslavs. The Istrian Italians and their exiled descendants patiently await the return of their homeland to Italy.

  Silvano Abba - Italian pentathlete and soldier
  Andrea Amoroso - Italian patriot; founder of the Istrian Society of Archeology and History
  Andrea Antico da Montona - Italian music printer, editor, publisher, composer and priest
  Gianni Bartoli - Italian engineer and politician
  Matteo Giulio Bartoli - Italian linguist and philologist
  Felice Bennati - Italian politician and patriot
  Bernardo Benussi - Italian medieval historian
  Bartolomeo Biasoletto - Italian pharmacist, botanist and phycologist
  Francesco Bonifacio - Italian priest; killed in the Foibe Massacres
  Egidio Bullesi - Italian sailor and shipyard worker
  Gian Rinaldo Carli - Italian writer, economist, historian, politician and patriot
  Stefano Carli - Italian writer, poet and dramatist
  Benedetto Carpaccio - Italian painter
  Vittore Carpaccio - Italian painter
  Diego de Castro - Italian historian, teacher and statistician
  Giorgio Alberto Chiurco - Italian doctor, historian and politician
  Bartolomeo delle Cisterne - Italian architect and hydraulic engineer
  Carlo Combi - Italian teacher and patriot
  Norma Cossetto - Italian student; killed in the Foibe Massacres
  Luciano Delbianco - Italian politician, economist and electrical engineer
  Cesare Dell'Acqua - Italian painter
  Iolanda Dobrilla - Italian refugee and teenager; killed by Communist Partisans
  Aldo Fabbro - Italian footballer; died in the Allied Bombing of Pola
  Fabio Filzi - Italian soldier and patriot
  Carlo De Franceschi - Italian historian, writer, politician and patriot
  Girolamo de Franciscis - Italian bishop
  Fides Histriae Gambini - Italian exile; last descendant of the Gambini family of Capodistria
  Pier Antonio Quarantotti Gambini - Italian author, journalist, librarian and exile
  Pio Riego Gambini - Italian soldier, journalist, patriot and Mazzinian
  Girolamo Gravisi - Italian archaeologist, scholar and philologist
  Lucrezio Gravisi - Italian soldier; killed by the Turks in Dalmatia
  Nicolò Gravisi - Italian Marchese and captain of the guard
  Pietro Gravisi - Italian Marchese and commander; fought in the Battle of Lepanto
  Giovanni Grion - Italian soldier and patriot
  Carlotta Grisi - Italian ballerina
  Annibale Grisonio - Italian priest, inquisitor and canon lawyer
  Antonio Grossich - Italian physician and politician
  Antonio Ive - Italian linguist and ethnologist
  Domenico Lovisato - Italian geologist, academic and patriot
  Tomaso Luciani - Italian politician and patriot
  Antonio Madonizza - Italian lawyer, journalist and politician
  Giovanni Manzini - Italian lawyer and poet
  Bernardo Parentino - Italian painter
  Bonifacio di Parenzo - Italian bishop
  Giuseppe Picciola - Italian writer, teacher and patriot
  Francesco Piranesi - Italian engraver, etcher, architect and politician
  Laura Piranesi - Italian engraver and etcher
  Giovanni Battista Piranesi - Italian etcher, sculptor and architectural theorist
  Pietro Piranesi - Italian politician
  Luigi Pirano - Italian Franciscan and ecclesiastic
  Gennaro di Pola - Italian patriarch
  Pietro Polani - Italian crusader; Doge of Venice
  Giovanni Quarantotto - Italian poet, historian and patriot
  Donato Ragosa - Italian pharmacist and patriot
  Antonio Santin - Italian bishop
  Santorio Santorio - Italian physiologist, physician, professor and inventor
  Nazario Sauro - Italian sailor and patriot
  Cecilia Seghizzi - Italian composer, painter and teacher
  Augusto Cesare Seghizzi - Italian composer and choral conductor
  Bonifacio Sergi - Italian nobleman; founder of the House of Pola-Castropola
  Ernesto Sestan - Italian historian
  Antonio Smareglia - Italian composer
  Francesco Spongia - Italian composer, organist and priest
  Domenico del Tacco - Italian naval captain; commander in the Battle of Lepanto
  Antonio Tarsia - Italian baroque composer
  Giuseppe Tartini - Italian baroque composer and violinist
  Pietro Tradonico - Italian noble; Doge of Venice
  Angelo Trevisani - Italian painter and copperplate engraver
  Francesco Trevisani - Italian painter
  Umberto Urbani - Italian writer, translator, teacher and patriot
  Andrea da Valle - Italian architect
  Silvio Vardabasso - Italian geologist
  Pier Paolo Vergerio il Vecchio - Italian pedagogist, statesman and canon lawyer
  Licio Visintini - Italian naval lieutenant
  Mario Visintini - Italian pilot and fighter ace
  Biagio Zulian - Italian captain and war hero; killed by the Turks in Candia
  Vittorio Italico Zupelli - Italian general and politician

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