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Famous Italians From Fiume and the Quarnaro

Some notable Fiuman and Quarnerine Italians (from left to right): Francesco Patrizi,
Giovanni Biagio Luppis, Giovanni de Ciotta, Maria Crocifissa Cosulich,
Giorgio Alessandro Conighi & Agostino Straulino

(Full biographies: Italian Biographies: The Quarnaro)

Brief biographies of some famous Italians from the Quarnaro, also known as the Quarnero or Carnaro. The Italians, the indigenous population of the region, have an illustrious history and have made notable contributions to culture, religion, military, politics, literature, arts, sciences and civilization, which should not be forgotten.

The Quarnaro is a historical Italian region and gulf in the northern Adriatic Sea, located between Istria and Dalmatia. It is composed of several small islands and the mainland city of Fiume. The main islands are Cherso, Lussino, Veglia and Arbe. The latter two islands technically belong to a strait known as the Quarnerolo (“Little Quarnaro”), but they are generally considered part of the larger Quarnaro geographical region with the city of Fiume at the head.

Today the region is entirely occupied by Croatia. Towards the end of World War II the Italians of the Quarnaro were subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocide by the Yugoslavs, who occupied the lands and annexed them to Communist Yugoslavia in 1947. About 350,000 Italians from Istria, Dalmatia, the Quarnaro and the surrounding region of Julian Venetia were forced into exile after the war. Their homes and cities were confiscated and occupied by the Yugoslavs. The Italians of the Quarnaro and their exiled descendants patiently await the return of their homeland to Italy.

  Antonio Adrario - Italian poet
  Nicolò Udina Algarotti - Italian philologist, musicologist and priest
  Icilio Bacci - Italian politician
  Ipparco Baccich - Italian soldier and patriot
  Mario Blasich - Italian physician and politician
  Lodovico Cicuta - Italian naval captain; died in the Battle of Lepanto
  Giovanni de Ciotta - Italian politician, engineer, philanthropist and soldier
  Giacoma Giorgia Colombis - Italian nun and abbess
  Carlo Colussi - Italian journalist and politician
  Carlo Alessandro Conighi - Italian engineer and politician
  Carlo Leopoldo Conighi - Italian architect and engineer
  Giorgio Alessandro Conighi - Italian engineer and fireman
  Maria Crocifissa Cosulich - Italian nun, teacher, polyglot and religious foundress
  Gasparo Craglietto - Italian sea captain and art collector
  Giovanni de Dominis - Italian naval captain; fought in the Battle of Lepanto
  Colane Drascio - Italian naval captain; fought in the Battle of Lepanto
  Oretta Fiume - Italian actress
  Enrico Fonda - Italian painter
  Riccardo Gigante - Italian journalist, entrepreneur and politician
  Giovanni Biagio Luppis - Italian inventor and naval officer; invented the torpedo
  Arturo de Maineri - Italian politician, mathematician and soldier
  Giovanni Moise - Italian linguist, grammarian, writer, priest and abbot
  Alfonso Maria Orlini - Italian priest
  Francesco Patrizi - Italian philosopher and writer
  Stefano Petris - Italian professor, soldier and patriot
  Raffaele Mario Radossi - Italian priest and bishop
  Nicolò Rode - Italian sailor and Olympic champion
  Francesco Salata - Italian politician, historian and patriot
  Giovanni Simonetti - Italian painter
  Gino Sirola - Italian lawyer, professor and politician
  Nevio Skull - Italian entrepreneur and politician
  Agostino Straulino - Italian sailor, admiral and Olympic champion
  Duilio Susmel - Italian journalist and historian
  Edoardo Susmel - Italian teacher, historian and politician
  Nivio Toich - Italian pharmacist, biochemist and political activist
  Antonio Udina - Italian barber and sacristan; last speaker of the Dalmatian language
  Giovanni Host-Venturi - Italian historian, politician and patriot
  Riccardo Zanella - Italian politician

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